NION Purity Head and Body Brush

Dual-sided brush to clean and massage

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    O que precisa saber

    • Spa-like compact tool for full head to toe body care
    • Scalp side cleanses the scalp and relieves stress
    • Body side cleanses the body and reduces cellulite
    • 100% waterproof, made from silicone
    • Exfoliating properties unclogs pores
    • Encourages circulation for a healthy lymphatic system

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    A Opinião dos Nossos Especialistas

    This NION Purity Head and Body Brush is a two in one. One side is made for a scalp brush to use alongside your favourite hair products, it cleans the scalp and removes dead skin, product build-up and bacteria.

    This encourages circulation which is said to help with new hair growth by removing debris from pores, it makes way for new hair follicles. It also enhances the conditioning properties of products by being properly absorbed into the hair.

    The other side is used on the rest of the body, it can be used all over, and is said to help with the firming of the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Again by applying pressure to the skin and stretching the skin all helps with lymphatic drainage.


    • NION Purity Head and Body Brush

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    it's as simple as

    Step 1: For the scalp brush, the best way to use it is in the shower or bath. Use scalp angled brush for massaging and thorough cleansing.

    Step 2: For the body brush, rub bristles all over starting at the bottom of the body towards the feet.

    Step 3: Work the brush upwards, using big strokes and bringing it all the way up to your chest.

    Step 4: Work the brush all over, focusing on hands, forearms, back of the legs and upper arms.

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