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Blow, brush, grow, style and dry like the pros! Shop the best in hair care technology from big names like BaByliss, T3 and more.



Berry Crush 230 Straightener


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Beauty Works



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Hair Styling Tools

Take charge of your look. Arm yourself with the right tools to battle frizz, humidity and lifelessness with professional-grade stylers.

Hair Dryers

Want that blowout feeling everyday? Shop the same heat drying tools the pros use for soft, big bouncy hair at home (without the small talk).


Fit Compact Hair Dryer - White


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Berry Crush 2200W Hair Dryer


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Hair Regrowth

Invest in hair regrowth devices now and prevent more costly procedures later on. Thicken the hair you have and stop further hair loss all from home.

Hair Brushes & Accessories

Bin that supermarket impulse buy. Smart brush tech now lets you style faster, prevent heat damage, combat frizz and reduce breakage with each stroke.


Scalp Brush - Coral


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SILKE London

Hair Wrap - The Lila


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Hair Products

Salon styling without the markup. Professional results, at home convenience. Smartphone-level tech but for your hair. Self confidence is just a blowdry away. Get that good hair, don't care feeling.

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