NION Purity Hands Hand Scrubber

Anti-bacterial hand cleansing tool

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    O que precisa saber

    • Hands are 3x cleaner than manual handwashing
    • Uses negative ions to draw out bacteria from skin
    • Only needs water to clean
    • Leaves hands feeling soft and luxurious
    • Compact size - travel friendly
    • Includes a protective cover

    2 Year Warranty Official NION Retailer

    A Opinião dos Nossos Especialistas

    The NION Purity Hands Hand Scrubber protects you and your family; it cleans hands three times better than manual hand washing alone. It uses a patented S-ion Technology, which uses negative ions to pull dirt from the creases and pores in hands.

    Hands can pick up tons of bacteria throughout the day, and by efficiently hand washing, you know you are protecting yourself and your family. After use, hands feel soft and moisturised, not dry.

    The size of this tool is perfect for, on the go usage; it has a protective cover that can be worn when travelling and can fit into the size of a pocket. The NION Purity Hands Hand Scrubber is made out of anti-bacterial silicone; however, it still has a non-slip design, making it convenient to use.


    • NION Purity Hands Scrubber
    • Protective cover

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    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Use either hot or cold water when using.

    Step 2: Use a small amount of your chosen liquid soap.

    Step 3: Start on one of your hands and work at the back. Gently cleanse in circular motions and scrub in between the fingers.

    Step 4: Repeat this on the opposite hands.

    Step 5: To clean the NION Purity Hands Hand Scrubber, use warm or cold water and rinse off all excess soap.

    Step 6: Once dry, put the protection cover on and store it away.

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