LYMA Laser

Medical-grade technology treats wrinkles, acne,
scarring, rosacea & sagging skin

LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit
  • LYMA Laser System Starter Kit

LYMA Laser System Starter Kit

Renovação da pele em casa | Dispositivo Médico

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        What you need to know:

        • A terapia da luz laser mais forte do mundo em casa.
        • A energia laser trata sinais de envelhecimento, dá mais elasticidade à pele, reduz cicatrizes, rosácea, queda dos olhos, veias dos fios, pigmentação, e acne.
        • Tratamento delicado, não abrasivo e sem tempo de paragem necessário.
        • Seguro e sem dor em todos os tipos e tons de pele.
        • O kit cientificamente desenvolvido inclui laser anti-envelhecimento LYMA, soro de priming e névoa activa para resultados superiores.
        • Utilização durante 15 minutos por dia durante 3-4 meses para resultados visíveis


        Laser technology has been used since the 1960s to treat a wide range of concerns, including:

        • treat scars

        • discolouration

        • inflammation

        • rosacea

        • acne

        • wrinkles

        • sagging skin

        The LYMA System Starter Kit contains a professional-strength laser device to deliver a non-damaging skin rejuvenating treatment. While LED devices are effective on the surface layers, the LYMA laser is more powerful at 500mw (the average LED is 5-20mw) to go deeper into fat and muscle. Its internal diffusers have been exclusively developed to remove all the heat from the light to ensure it's gentle enough to use even near the eyes, without goggles. It also has blue LED lights to kill any surface bacteria for clear skin.


        • LYMA Laser
        • 30-day supply of LYMA Active Mist
        • 30-day supply of LYMA Priming Serum
        • Travel pouch
        • Charger
        • LYMA authenticity card for access to LYMA wellness concierge

        WHY IT WORKS

        Unlike other effective anti-ageing devices, the LYMA at-home laser doesn't damage your skin to make the body heal it. What it does is use near-infrared laser light to microheat your cells themselves and bring them from a dormant state to an active (rejuvenating) state. It's perfectly dispersed to heal and is safe for all skin tones and types - including on tattoos.

        It can be used with other devices to compound effects for maximum anti-ageing benefits. Start with the included LYMA Active Mist made with 36% ASO (Active Stabilised Oxygen) to jump-start your skin-healing results.

        Then use the LYMA laser for just 15 minutes a day with the priming serum over 12-16 weeks for 100 times stronger anti-ageing than the average light therapy treatment device.


        Step 1: Spray a generous amount of the Active Mist on your treatment area and let dry.

        Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Priming Serum to your treatment area.

        Step 3: Apply a body oil or moisturiser (if you want) to help the LYMA laser glide.

        Step 4: Follow the online 15-minute daily treatment programme for your treatment area.

        Step: Once complete, follow with your usual skincare.


        We all have skin issues. Whatever your skin concerns, the LYMA System Starter Kit delivers deep skin renewal in just 15 minutes a day. Use with the priming serum active mist made with active stabilised oxygen and advanced cosmeceutical ingredients to boost your results.

        To target your specific problem areas, hold the laser over those parts longer for a more focused treatment. Use nearly anywhere on the body to plump and firm skin. If you're over 30, consider doubling your treatment time to 30 minutes per day for enhanced effects.

        Maximum results appear in 12-16 weeks and only need occasional top ups. But you won't have to wait that long to see a difference. Join users who saw reduction in pigmentation by 64%, rosacea by 42%, acne by 56% and wrinkle depth by 53.8% in just 5 weeks.


        You're never too old to benefit from less wrinkles, reduced pigmentation and better muscle tone. Apply the LYMA system for 30 minutes per day between 3-6 months to see full anti-ageing results.

        “I’ve had such a busy life looking after my five children and family, that looking after my skin was the last thing on my list. I have hardly ever used moisturiser never mind had any kind of skincare regime. Now with all the children settled I have time for myself and want to embrace life, so I thought I’d treat myself.

        I cannot say enough how amazing the results have been. People I’ve not seen for a while literally do a double take when they see me. I’ve had friends ask if I’ve had a face lift, and my daughter asking me if she can borrow it too. If anyone is wondering if it’s too late and they should just save the money, I’d tell them to just go for it. If it could work on me then it should work on anyone, and I do not regret a thing!”

        Maria, 75


        The LYMA system helps eliminate active acne breakouts and reduce the appearance of acne scars. See visible results like these in just a month of weekly treatments.

        ""After contracting the superbug that you can contract in hospitals, my face broke out into angry, inflamed red spots which had embedded itself into my follicles and developed into an open burn on my face. I was given an incredibly strong topical antibiotic that finally killed it but I was left with significant scarring from it. I was completely devastated, I thought I was scarred for life.

        I started using the LYMA Laser, integrating it into my daily routine, spending 15 minutes going back and forth, up, down and over that area.

        I couldn’t believe how quickly the scarring was fading and that gave me the momentum to keep going. After six weeks, I’d got such good results that I lessened the usage to a couple of times a week and in just two months I’d gone from being anxious of anyone staring at my face, to being confident in the way I looked again.""

        Penny, 26


        For a firmer skin texture & elasticity plus less cellulite, use the LYMA system for 15 minutes a day over 3 to 6 months. See incredible results as skin is lifted and texture is smoothed.

        “I was always embarrassed by the saggy skin and wrinkles on my knees, trousers were definitely my go to outfit for every occasion. That was before the LYMA Laser. I did the treatment every single night while I watched box sets, I didn’t miss a day, and within weeks the difference was amazing.

        I’m wearing miniskirts for the first time in thirty years! And for the first time in decades I cannot wait for the summer so I can wear shorts and short sun-dresses.”

        Lucy, 48


        Retain your body's inflammatory response and reduce the look of rosacea with daily 15-minute treatments. See visible results in just one month and skin looks transformed in just 3 to 6 months.

        I was getting a facial and all of a sudden my face was like a STOP sign. I went to my dermatologist and asked her if rosacea could just appear in midlife, I thought surely there would have been some portent earlier but she said it’s common for rosacea to lie dormant for years and then suddenly flare up into full blown rosacea, which is what I have now. For the last five years, I’ve woken up with an inflamed face, it’s pretty intense.

        I tried the LYMA laser for my rosacea and I was floored by it. It was truly fantastic. I started noticing a difference in my rosacea at around the three-week mark.

        I’m 55, I’m not a kid and now I can go around without make-up on. These results are strictly from the LYMA laser, I'm not doing anything else and my rosacea has been dialled down by about 30%. That’s not a small number for just something that you can use at home. It's even got rid of the fine lines and crow’s feet that I have around my eyes.

        Jancee, 55

        Discover more


        Minimise even very old scars in just two months with full results in six months. Simply use the LYMA system over the scar area for a few minutes each day to begin the healing process.

        “I had quite a difficult pregnancy and when my son was born it didn’t go as planned and we ended up having an emergency c-section. My little boy is absolutely fine now, but it was incredibly frightening and I’ll never forget it. Every time I looked in the mirror the scar on my stomach reminded me of how I almost lost everything and it was getting me down. It was my husband who suggested I try the LYMA Laser, he knew how I was feeling and thought it could help me get past it and move on.

        I was a bit dubious about getting it at first as it was so expensive, but we didn’t go on holiday last year and this year we’re just going camping, so I thought I’d used the money we’d saved. Oh my word! I cannot tell you the difference. I did the cold laser treatment everyday for a few weeks and it’s just a faint line now. It may sound daft as no one else knew the scar was there, but for me, just personally, it’s made a huge difference.”

        Charlotte, 35


        This clinical strength laser can reduce rosacea, acne, wrinkles, sun-based pigmentation, wrinkles, cellulite, sagging and scarring in one device. See results in just 5 weeks with daily treatments.


        A laser facial treatment reaches through all the layers of your skin to microheat cells only a fraction of a degree. It essentially turns off their ageing mode and turns back on their renewal mode.


        Made with the same quality and laser strength used in construction. It's medical-grade healing with industrial-grade materials.


        Even though the LYMA near-infrared laser is one of the most powerful available, it's dispersed so it doesn't heat up your skin enough to damage it.


        The priming serum and active mist use high-potency, advanced cosmeceutical ingredients which are proven to amplify the anti-ageing effect.


        To treat 15 minutes a day, you only need to charge the battery once a week. The battery lasts for 2 hours, making the LYMA laser easy to use on the go.

        Informação adicional

        O Laser LYMA é o único laser cosmético seguro para utilização em todos os tipos e tons de pele. No entanto, como com todos os dispositivos de luz, se estiver a tomar medicamentos que o tornam mais sensível à luz, ou se tiver uma condição médica que torne a sua pele sensível ao sol ou à luz, aconselhamos que discuta com o seu médico antes de usar.

        Como com todos os dispositivos de luz, não utilize o laser LYMA em quaisquer áreas associadas com as seguintes condições médicas:

        1. a) Tumores e Melanoma
        2. b) Tiróide sobre-activa
        3. c) Infecções fúngicas da pele
        4. d) Pacemaker

        Não utilizar o laser LYMA:

        Sobre a área do peito feminino.

        Em crianças ou qualquer pessoa com menos de 18 anos de idade.

        Na sua zona abdominal, se for uma mulher grávida.
        Se sofre de lúpus eritematoso, albinismo eczema fotossensível, ou outras doenças fotossensíveis.

        Para tratar qualquer pessoa que esteja a tomar qualquer medicação que possa causar fotossensibilidade. A utilização em pele fotossensível pode resultar numa sensação de comichão ou de vermelhidão semelhante a queimaduras solares. Se estas ocorrerem, procurar cuidados médicos.


        O laser LYMA é seguro para ser utilizado juntamente com a maioria dos tratamentos estéticos. Devido aos seus poderosos benefícios anti-inflamatórios, o Laser LYMA pode ajudar na recuperação de tratamentos estéticos, reduzindo o tempo de inatividade e acelerando a cura.

        Pode utilizar com segurança o Laser LYMA juntamente com tratamentos de radiofrequência, micro-agulhas e micro-correntes. Se estiver a tomar medicamentos que o tornam mais sensível à luz, deve discuti-los com o seu médico para confirmar se a terapia laser de baixo nível é adequada para si.


        O Laser LYMA é o primeiro laser de 500mW em casa perto do laser infravermelho de baixo nível, operando a 808nm, proporcionando uma inversão biológica da idade sem igual, com quatro LEDs azuis de 40mW operando a 470nm para eliminar bactérias de superfície. Esta tecnologia tem sido utilizada com segurança em hospitais desde os anos 60 e é confirmada por extensos estudos revistos por pares, sem quaisquer efeitos secundários relatados. O LYMA Laser tem o seu próprio conjunto de estudos revistos por pares publicados no Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2021, escrito pelo Dr. Graeme Glass PhD.

        No entanto, como acontece com todos os dispositivos médicos, sugerimos que tome as seguintes precauções.

        Se a utilização do dispositivo causar qualquer desconforto, descontinuar a sua utilização imediatamente.

        Contacte imediatamente um médico se suspeitar que teve uma reação negativa ao utilizar o Laser LYMA.

        Não armazenar o Laser LYMA ao sol ou sobre uma superfície quente. As altas temperaturas podem ser prejudiciais.

        Não desmonte o Laser LYMA, pois pode causar danos, mau funcionamento, choque eléctrico, incêndio, ou ferimentos. Não existem no interior peças que possam ser reparadas pelo utilizador.
        Não operar num ambiente em que outros dispositivos, que irradiam intencionalmente energia electromagnética de forma desprotegida, estejam a ser utilizados. O equipamento portátil ou móvel de comunicação por rádio frequência pode afectar o equipamento médico eléctrico.

        Proteja sempre a sua pele do sol com protector solar ou traje apropriado. O sol pode causar rugas e reduzir os benefícios do laser LYMA.


        Nunca utilize este dispositivo se não estiver a funcionar correctamente, se tiver caído ou danificado, ou se estiver submerso em água.
        Nunca deixar cair ou inserir qualquer objecto não autorizado em qualquer abertura do dispositivo. Utilizar apenas o adaptador de corrente fornecido com o Laser LYMA.

        Não riscar ou danificar o Laser LYMA.

        A utilização de controlos, ajustes, ou execução de procedimentos diferentes dos aqui especificados, pode resultar em lesões.
        Manter todos os aparelhos eléctricos afastados da água (incluindo banhos e chuveiros). - Não utilizar produtos inflamáveis em aerossol ou oxigénio perto do dispositivo.

        Se o dispositivo laser LYMA começar a sobreaquecer, desligue imediatamente.

        Pare imediatamente de usar o dispositivo se acreditar que o dispositivo está a funcionar mal. Devolver o dispositivo à LYMA Life para exame e reparação.


        O Laser LYMA pode ser utilizado em qualquer parte do corpo, excluindo as definidas nas contra-indicações.

        POSSO USAR O LASER LYMA AO LADO DE UM RETINOL TÓPICO? Sim, pode usar o laser LYMA se estiver a usar retinol tópico.


        O laser LYMA pode ser usado em todas as partes do corpo. Não utilize o laser LYMA em quaisquer áreas associadas com as seguintes condições médicas. Tumores, tiróide hiperactiva, infecções fúngicas da pele, pacemaker implantado, ou melanoma.


        Sim, o laser LYMA pode ser utilizado após exposição ao sol.


        O laser LYMA é perfeitamente seguro para ser utilizado em áreas da pele que tenham sido tratadas com injetáveis ou fillers.


        Pode utilizar o laser LYMA em segurança se estiver grávida, contudo não deve ser utilizado sobre a zona abdominal.


        Não existem efeitos secundários conhecidos da utilização do sistema LYMA. Se sentir desconforto, vermelhidão ou qualquer outra coisa que não seja pele de aspecto natural, por favor pare de usar o Laser LYMA e contacte o seu médico.

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        Reviewed by Gill H.
        Verified Buyer
        I recommend this product
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        Review posted

        Love the simplicity

        My skin is glowing. It’s early days but already my skin feels firmer and looks generally healthier. Looking forward to seeing further improvement. The Lyma laser is so easy to use and a relaxing ritual that I’ve enjoyed adding to my routine.

        Rated 5 out of 5
        Rated 4 out of 5
        Ease of Use
        Rated 5 out of 5
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        Reviewed by Jimmy M., from United Kingdom
        Verified Buyer
        I recommend this product
        Age Range
        18 - 24
        Rated 5 out of 5
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        It probably can do anything. It reduces my bruises pimples wrinkles and more

        Rated 5 out of 5
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Ease of Use
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Was this helpful?
        Reviewed by Susan M., from United Kingdom
        Verified Buyer
        I recommend this product
        Age Range
        55 - 64
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Review posted

        Lyma Laser

        A considered purchase but something quite unique. My wrinkles appear much diminished and the look of my skin has an overall fresher appearance. Used in conjunction with other devices from Current Body offering different technologies, I feel I can be my own facialist!

        Rated 5 out of 5
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Ease of Use
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Was this helpful?
        Reviewed by Susan K.
        Verified Reviewer
        I recommend this product
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Review posted

        Literally skin changing!

        Wow, where to begin.... The Lyma Laser is an absolutely outstanding product! Since using the laser I'm now consistently receiving complements on my "Jesus glow", (a direct quote, I kid you not). While I can't comment on its effectiveness on wrinkles, (as I don't have any yet), what I can attest to is Lyma's effect on overall firmness and pore size. Although the results took a while my skin is now significantly firmer, my pores are non existent, and there is an overall glow to my complexion. My dermatologist has been blown away by my now "plump, bouncy, and juicy" skin, (and she's a tough cookie with super high standards). Furthermore I recently had a colleague tell me that my skin looks airbrushed and filtered, (a compliment received sans makeup). How good is that!

        Although the initial cost was high I've been able to recoup my outlay in less than a year of use. I've since stopped all my previous treatments, including HIFU and skin needling, consequently the laser has affectively paid for itself! (I've also been able to strip back my skincare products, further saving me a small fortune).

        While results aren't immediate it is so definitely worth persevering.

        I'm in complete awe of this device and I recommend it 1000 fold!

        Was this helpful?
        Reviewed by amanda m., from Australia
        Verified Buyer
        I recommend this product
        Age Range
        55 - 64
        Skin Concerns
        • Fine Lines
        • Skin Texture
        Treatment Areas
        • Face
        • Neck
        • Hands
        • Décolleté
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Review posted

        LYMA Laser System Starter Kit

        I have been using the LYMA laser every evening for 3 weeks now. It was expensive but I feel it was worth it. I have noticed my skin is looking smoother and clearer. I would definitely recommend if you can afford it.

        Rated 5 out of 5
        Rated 5 out of 5
        Ease of Use
        Rated 5 out of 5
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