Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes - Artic Blue Glitter

Fun, 6-in-1 blue glitter beauty tool

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    O que precisa saber

    • Award-winning ice-globes featuring a cool glitter design
    • Stimulates blood circulation, reduces puffiness and swelling
    • Skin looks brightened, tightened and fine lines softened
    • Immediately sculpts and tones the face
    • It can also give headache, migraine and sinus pain relief
    • Use massager for 10-15 minutes every day on face

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    Fraîcheur Paris have created an award-winning beauty tool that everyone could benefit from, and be incorporated into your daily routine just as easily as it is to use it. You can choose from three glitter bomb colours, Pink, Gold and Arctic Blue. Whether it is for you or a friend, there is a colour for everyone. It is a 6-in-1 beauty tool with a long list of amazing benefits to the skin.

    First, it helps the stimulation of blood circulating through the face. This increase of blood flow then helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles...winner! This then leads to your skin looking fresher, more youthful and having an all-over radiant glow to it.

    You can either place it in the fridge or freezer, depending on how cold you like it or how long you have to cool it down, and then start to roll over sections of the face in circular motions. The best thing really though is the fact you can use these Ice Globes anywhere; bathroom, bedroom, in front of the TV or just part of a regime and even by themselves.


    • Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globe - Artic Blue x2

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    why it works

    The Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager use the powers of cryotherapy, which is the form of using cold objects or cold temperatures to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. To be used in different motions depending on where you are rolling it over the face. They do the same job as the original collection but have a limited edition glitter effect, perfect for those who like a little bit of sparkle.

    The massager is shaped in a spherical format, so it can be easily rolled across the face. It is made up of a handy medical-grade antifreeze liquid, so it never entirely freezes. So, it stays cold for a long time and always remains a silky consistency.

    The tool itself and the stem are made from freeze proof borosilicate glass, so remember before your treatment, let it sit for a couple of minutes before putting on your face. This beauty tool will save you money by achieving salon results from your own home and is a luxurious product that uses non-invasive methods to achieve these results.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Cool or freeze your Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager for at least 20 minutes. It is good to do Step 2 whilst waiting for your ice globe to sit for a few minutes.

    Step 2: Remove all makeup, cleanse face and apply an amount of facial oil or moisturiser. (Or take regime one step further and use with a face mask).

    Step 3: Roll massager over eyebrows, around the temples and focus on the T zone area.

    Step 4: Massage around the hairline and work upwards towards the middle of the forehead.

    Step 5: Run massager over check bones and work under jawlines.

    Step 6: When finished, store in a cool dark place.

    make it personal

    The Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes - Glitter Collection is for those who like their beauty tools to look just as good as they make us feel.

    To keep your Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager in flawless condition, after every use, clean with a damp cloth and use soap or antibacterial solution. Clean the stem to the massager after every use; the best method might be an antibacterial wipe.

    These Ice Globes are quickly becoming so popular with their clever but simple inventions. They aren't something to be missed, the magazine's Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Cosmopolitan all agree and are on board with this trend.

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