BaByliss Air Style 1000

Powerful 4 in 1 hot air styling tool

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    O que precisa saber

    • Four different attachments for different looks
    • Easy interchangeable twist and lock system
    • Power 1000W for fast drying
    • Conditions hair with frizz-controlling ions
    • Effortless styling
    • Easy to use and compact size

    2 Year Warranty Official BaByliss Retailerfree-gift

    A Opinião dos Nossos Especialistas

    This device is perfect if you like to achieve different versatile looks through one device, the BaByliss Air Style 100 will do exactly that. It features four attachment heads; smooth blow-dry paddle brush, 50mm volumising thermal brush, conical curling attachment and drying nozzle.

    The Drybrush can be used when drying hair to create a sleek straight look and prepare hair for more styling. The Round volumising brush creates volume through the soft, ball-tip bristles into the root and lifts them all to create volume. The smoothing blow-dry brush has bristles that give a sharp, straight look as it dries.

    Finally, the curl attachment is a conical barrel to create curls effortlessly. They can be conveniently changed through a simple twist and lock system, easy if you want to use two tools in one look.


    • Smooth blow-dry paddle brush
    • 50mm volumising thermal brush
    • Conical curling attachment
    • Drying nozzle, Heat Glove
    • Heat Glove

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    why it works

    This Air Style 1000 gives the hair its smooth and shiny finish by the conditioning ionic system. It reduces frizz and flyaways through the release of frizz-controlling ions. The design of the brush attachments heads makes you be able to achieve the different effortless styles, which can be easily de-attached and attached.

    It has two heat settings which means you can use different heat levels with the various attachment heads. It also features a 2.5m swivel cord which makes it comfortable for easy styling.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Ensure hair is 80% dry and been brushed through with a heat protector.

    Step 2: Select the desired attachment head and attach it with the twist and lock motion to the hand.

    Step 3: Section hair into smaller sections and turn on with the right heat setting for your hair.

    Step 4: After use, switch off and allow to cool before storing.

    make it personal

    BaByliss Drying Nozzel: This is used to remove excess moisture by drying and prep the hair ready for styling. It is used all over the hair by directing applying the nozzle close to the hair.

    BaByliss 50mm Volumising Brush Attachment: Use by rotating the brush at the base of roots to boost volume as you dry. Hold the brush at roots to maximise volume and then slowly move the brush down to the ends of hair. Once you have reached close to the end of hair, rotate the brush inwards towards the face to create a tucked under style.

    BaByliss Smoothing Paddle Brush: For best results, glide brush through sections of hair, try and get the brush closest to the scalp as possible and have the bristles facing upwards. Use continual downwards motions.

    BaByliss Conical Curling Attachment: Start by finding a section of hair and make sure you start 2inches from the root. Wind the hair around the barrel, starting at the thickest end first and keep wrapping until you have no more left. Depending on how thick your hair is, hold for around 5-8 seconds.

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    Additional Information

    Key Features:


    Smooth blow-dry paddle brush

    50mm volumising thermal brush

    Conical curling attachment

    Drying nozzle

    2 heats plus a cool setting

    Ionic frizz-control

    2.5m swivel cord

    Heat glove

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